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Age: 23 Height: 166 Weight: 51
Breast: 3 Asian Black
The question of what is more important for a man – the woman's breast or her intellect - can arise in the head only of a very young and very naive girl. All the rest will say in chorus: well, of course, the chest is more important! And they will be absolutely right, because there was not a man born in the world who would not appreciate the worthiness of her breasts when she met a girl, and then everything else. Women's big boobs are the strongest sexual stimulus for men, these are the instincts of animals, and certainly no one will stand by the sight of big boobs! Big breasts on a woman's body look just amazing, makes a woman more attractive and sexy. Having sex in hk with a girl who has big boobs is just a pleasure! It can be kneaded and ironed, touching the pink nipples is a very sensitive part of the female body, and it's so sweet to suck and squeeze them, the girls are simply delighted! The breast has a delicate skin and it's a pleasure to touch it, it's especially nice to squeeze tits when you take the girl from behind. Most men are so fond of big tits that they fuck girls right between them, squeezing them with their own hands, and almost everyone likes girls when they finish at the boobs and then it's all smeared on their body.

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  • 1 hour 30000
  • 2 hours 5000
  • overnight 8000
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  • Height 165
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  • 2 hours 700
  • overnight 1500
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  • 2 hours no
  • overnight no
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